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News Guangdong

15 things you should know about Guangzhou Metro

After the opening of Guangzhou Line 14 (first phase), the first Metro running in Conghua District, Guangzhou has begun a new chapter of “metro access to all districts.” Guangzhou Metro services account for over half of the public transport journeys taken in the city. It is no doubt the fastest and most convenient way to get around.

Guangzhou and Globalization 4.0: opening with opportunities

The fourth industrial revolution is set to reshape the world economy and bring about transformative technologies. The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting that kicked off on January 22 in Davos, Switzerland served as a platform for impassioned discussion on globalization and the development of the new economy. Many who attended highlighted the importance of China and how the nation is driving historic change.

Xi extends Spring Festival greetings to military veterans

President Xi Jinping on Tuesday extended his Spring Festival greetings to military veterans and retired military officials.

GZ-SZ Intercity Railway to skip stops during Spring Festival travel rush

Between January 21st and February 3rd & February 10th and March 1st, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway will skip Guangzhou Railway Station, the departure point and terminal in Guangzhou will be Guangzhou East Railway Station.

The first Lion and Dragon Dance Art Gallery landed in Foshan

The first art gallery for lion and dragon dace was landed in Chancheng District, Foshan. Lion head is the intellectual property and the cultural symbol of Foshan. In recent years, the government has encouraged Foshan cultural development and pledged to put forward more incentives for museum development and intended to promote museum development this year.

Tencent, Shenzhen police team up to stop suicide

An express response mechanism to stop suicide has been established by internet giant Tencent and the Shenzhen police.
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